Microsoft launching "RE:Surface" to support artists with online concert streaming

Honestly, we didn't see this one coming but it's definitely got our attention now and we have so many questions...

The same people responsible for bringing us Word and Excel are breaking into the live concert streaming business with their new RE:Surface Project, which launches on the 29th of May featuring artist Jade Bird performing a "live show digitally". Their aim is to help artists to bring into a digital stage the same high energy immersive experience concert goers get during a concert in a traditional venue.

Their website for the "project" says that during the "live digital show" Microsoft is going to share the Blueprint (why did they capitalize this? Is this a new software? hmmmm...) of all of the tools they created for us to use - for free.

So. Many. Questions.

For now we are left to sit and wonder until all is unveiled during the concert on 29 May at 20:30BST.

Tags: #Microsoft #live music

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