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Guidance for Independent Artists from an Independent Artist on how to "Make It" in the Music Industry Paperback 

13th August, 2019

By Matt Annecharico (Author, Illustrator), Greg Brown (Editor), Matin Fellani (Illustrator)

Imagine having a good friend with years of experience in the music industry and being able to pick his brain about all that he knows. Imagine walking away from that conversation with a better understanding of topics like: 


  • Contracts  

  • Digital Marketing  

  • Record Labels  

  • Distributors  

  • Copyrights

  • Working With Your Artist Team


Well now you have that friend and he’s sick of artists like you getting screwed over.


It’s time to put you in the driver’s seat. You are part of a generation who are more aware of inauthenticity and manipulation than ever before. You’re less interested in blindly following and more interested in being shown not only how to do something but in understanding why it’s important that it gets done. You want control over your own destiny, to build partnerships rather than to be a commodity, to be empowered as you build your own empire and you have no problem working hard to achieve it. You want to be treated with dignity, with respect, and like you’re smart enough to do it. Because you are. You are the ‘Dreamscope Generation’.



Multi independent music award winning artist Matt Annecharico's career in the entertainment industry spans more than 28 years with experience ranging from theatre, film and television acting to a successful career as an independent recording artist. He is a registered songwriter with the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP), a member of The Recording Academy and Executive Director of London-based artist development record label Dreamscope Media Group Ltd.

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