Dreamscope is a record label redefined for the modern musician;

helping artists in the early stages of their career to avoid scams through an artist-centric recording contract that provides them with the knowledge and experience they need to run a successful artist business.

Partner with us in leading the recorded music industry into the modern era.

Let's make music a safe place for artists again

and give them back the ability to make money from their art. 

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Capital at Risk. Investments of this nature carry risk as well as potential rewards. Click here to read the full risk warning.

Frequently Asked Questions

This Funding Round

Are you EIS/SEIS approved?

The equity raised is EIS eligible as we have been approved from HMRC to offer EIS certificates.

Why do you need to do Equity Crowdfunding?

We took the last 2.5 years to prove our concept / demand, solidify important industry relationships, establish a company ethos, and generate initial IP. We have successfully done this and have positioned ourselves for a great deal of growth over the next 5 years. Equity Crowdfunding will accelerate that growth tremendously allowing us to vastly increase our marketing efforts, improve our current services, develope a mobile application for our Artist Toolkit, and so on. Additionally, we are interested in partners who could provide valuable expertise to our business.

How much are you looking to raise?

We are looking to raise £150,000 in this round.

Are there any rewards for me if I invest?

Your initial "reward" is shares in Dreamscope which will amount to a good return on investment over the next 5 years. But we do not believe that is enough. That is why we are also including the following rewards: £10+ - Shareholder Welcome to the Dreamscope Family! As a shareholder, you are now a big part of our story and of our journey going forward and we think you are awesome for it! This category includes the standard legal shareholder certificate that will be emailed to you. Thank you for your support! £30 - Download "Volume 1" CD In addition to your shares (which makes you awesome), you will receive a free download of our compilation album "Dreamscope Records Volume 1" where you'll get to hear the best of the music we have released over the last 2.5 years. £50 - Commemorative Shareholder Certificate As a thank you for stretching just a bit more, we have created for you a beautifully designed commemorative shareholder certificate printed on premium card stock paper. This is in addition to the legal standard shareholder certificate. £70 - Downloadable CD + Book In addition to what you receive in the previous categories, you will also receive a free PDF download of our artist development book "Just Thought You Should Know".
£250 - Artist Toolkit Here, you'll get everything in the previous categories but you will also receive three free months of our online Artist Toolkit which is jam-packed with resources that you can only get from Dreamscope! Items include advice videos, downloadable music business contracts, instructional guides, funding resources and more! £1,500 - Physical Goods + 1:1 Call Along with everything included in the previous categories, you'll also receive physical copies of the compilation CD and a special limited edition signed copy of our artist development book. Additionally, you will get 1 free hour with a member of our team to ask them about anything in the music industry: music publishing, music production, contract advice, career guidance, songwriting, and more! £7,500 - Limited Edition Dreamcard You are incredible and thank you simply isnt enough! That is why you're not only getting all of the freebies in the previous categories but you will also get unlimited free access to our online artist toolkit and digital copies of all the music we release while you're a shareholder. But thats still not enough. You will also receive a limited edition (only 200 issued), individually numbered, metallic shareholder card with your name imprinted. You shareholder number gives you access to exclusive offers ONLY for you! £15,000 - Executive Producer Ok - wow! We are completely speechless! As a massive 'thank you', not only will you receive all the freebies in the previous categories but we are going to make you an Executive Producer on one of our upcoming music releases. Thats another bucket list item ticked off for you!!

Is the music industry a safe place to invest?

It is an exciting time to be in the music industry! Technology has allowed the recorded music industry to grow to its highest rate of growth since 1997. 2018 global recorded music revenues posted a 9.7% growth, according to the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry. Furthermore, the UK’s UCAS reports that over 20k people registered for a music-related university degree.

The rise in technological advancements has given way to what’s known as the artist services sector, allowing artists certain tools to do many things that originally required a record label in order to do.

It’s a vibrant industry that can only continue to grow. Music is ingrained in our everyday lives. The problem is the needs of the consumer have changed and the needs of up-and-coming artists have changed, and record labels haven’t been able to find a way to meet both of those needs and remain profitable.

How do I learn more about your business?

Other than reading through our website, you can view our recently released document sent to our current investors and team members recapping 2019 and highlighting what to expect in 2020. Download it HERE

What is the EIS tax relief scheme?

The Enterprise Investment Scheme is a tax relief scheme for UK taxpayers designed to help smaller, higher-risk companies raise finance by offering tax relief on new shares in those companies that qualify. For the investor, it’s a tax efficient way to invest in small companies. People can invest up to £1,000,000 in any tax year and receive 30% tax relief. However, they are locked into the scheme for a minimum of three years. Any gain is Capital Gains Tax (CGT) free if the shares are held for at least three years. Payment of CGT can be deferred when the gain is invested in shares of an EIS qualifying company. If the shares are disposed of at a loss you can elect that the amount of loss be set against any income tax of that year or of the previous year. For more information visit: https://www.crowdcube.com/explore/investing/tax-relief/eis

Our Business

How many artists have you signed to date?

We have signed 13 artists to date across the UK, mainland Europe and southeast Asia. We currently have 7 projects in post-production.

How do you make money?

Our income in seperated into three seperate tiers:

How do you plan to scale the business?

This is the fun part! Dreamscope started as a record label and while we are looking for funding to improve our current services, we already have our eyes on new ventures. We believe a successful record label needs to move away from being called a "record label" and instead move to being a music-based production company. As our name alludes to - "Dreamscope Media Group" - our intention was always to add other business segments to the company which can cross polinate in the creation of content but which can also service their own clients. Over the last three years we have already produced a music-based documentary and we ran a talent agency that landed acts in shows on Netflix and BBC. Both were temporary ventures as we didnt have the resources at the time to carry out those activities long-term and simply wanted to test our capabilities.

  • We have recently added a book publishing company to our "Group" called Dreamscope Insights, which we have publishing our first book under.
  • We have just launched "Dreamscope Asia" in Singapore with great interest from Asian artists in joining our record label.
  • We are currenly working on building a team that will be able to create products that artists can package with their music such as handwritten lyrics etched on metal platting, T-shirt / poster printing, building a new echo friendly and locally sourced guitar, among other things.
  • Some business segments we are keen to add over time are TV/Film Production, Talent Agency, Marketing company, tour booking.
All of these activities can work together for certain projects but will also have their own clients.

Why did you release a book?

As our record deal is heavily centred around artist development, we were compiling documents around all of the concepts that we believe artists need to understand in order to have a successful artist business. Meanwhile, we are very aware that some artists simply wish to remain unsigned for one reason or another. We still want to help them. So we compiled into a book many of the documents and lessons that we give to our artists in an effort to support those artists but also in an effort to raise awareness of the Dreamscope brand.

How do I learn more about your business?

Other than reading through our website, you can view our recently released document sent to our current investors and team members recapping 2019 and highlighting what to expect in 2020. Download it HERE

Services / Products

How is your record deal different than other record labels?

Record labels are notoriously protective over revealing what is included in their recording contracts. So much so that it is an unspoken norm to not speak about any details you may or may not know regarding another record label’s contract – even if you’ve been given access to one.

That being said, most record labels today offer whats known as a 360 Record Deal. Some of it’s ‘features’ include:

  • Usually locking the artist into the contract for a long period of time (either for a certain number of releases or for a certain number of years)
  • Artists are typically given an incredibly small amount of the royalties from record sales – usually between 3 and 12%
  • The record label is automatically entitled to any entertainment-related income the artist receives even if it isn’t music related and even if the record label had no part in the artist obtaining that income
  • The record label owns all of the recordings for life
  • New artists are not given creative control over the project
  • The record label can even own the artist’s name

We believe this is unfair however record labels are able to use the fact that they have big teams able to handle many things for the artist and extensive industry connections, and big fancy facilities to prey on new artists.

Our contract is based on partnering with the artists providing them development that empowers them to grow their artist business. It incentivises them, gives them more control and treats them initially as a new employee who simply needs a bit of training.

  • Short 1 year / 1 project term, whichever comes later
  • Artist received 70% royalties from music sales and 60% from publishing
  • We do not take a percentage of any other income from the artist unless it was a job that we had a direct role in booking for them – and even then our contract limits what activities we could participate in
  • We simply license the recordings from the artist for 10 years in which time the artist can invoke their reversion rights and own the rights themselves.
  • Our artist must give their input and approval every step of the way
  • We teach them about their individual branding, revenue streams, marketing, and other important aspect of the music business

What is the Artist Toolkit?

The Dreamscope Artist Toolkit is an online portal that artists pay a 9.99 subscription fee to access. This gets them access to resources, video tutorials and more to help them carry out their artist business. As this is in Beta testing, we want to develop this further into a mobile app, increase the production quality of our tutorial videos, and add additional functionality and features that make it even more useful.

How do I learn more about your business?

Other than reading through our website, you can view our recently released document sent to our current investors and team members recapping 2019 and highlighting what to expect in 2020. Download it HERE


What do you do for marketing currently?

We run social media advertisements for the company in addition to engaging with two external marketing firms who market our artists when we are releasing their music. Aside from this, we are listed in different industry “yearbooks” that are widely distributed and we are listed on The Unsigned Guide, which generates a great deal of the artist submissions we receive.

Click HERE to see an example report of the press we were able to get for a recent project.

What will you do for marketing after you are funded?

The investment will help us expand our marketing activities to allow us to reach new audiences across the UK and international markets. We will be enhancing our website offerings to give the customers a better experience. New promotional merchandise will be created along with increasing our digital marketing presence. Investment in digital is one the key areas where we see growth and the opportunity to generate further business. The digital spend will be across all social media platforms and music related publications. We also want to invest in the quality of media production for our artists and bands, this would consist of investing in reputable photographers and videographers to work with our rooster in creating videos and photos for their platforms

How do I learn more about your business?

Other than reading through our website, you can view our recently released document sent to our current investors and team members recapping 2019 and highlighting what to expect in 2020. Download it HERE


Who are your closest competitors?

Our closest competitor would be a Swedish-based company who offers free music distribution to independent artists as a way to collect user data, grow their marketing database, and find artists to sign to their record label. They offer a certain amount of development that is all automated and prescriptive. We believe this is the wrong model. We have some moral objections to the predatory way in which they attract artists and grow their marketing database using free distribution as the disguise. We believe they are missing the mark in terms of offering impersonal and standardized development. They have also signed well-known artists to their label who are arguably not independent musicians. The likely argument that these bigger artists help pay for the expenses of bringing on a new artist is part of the antiquated thinking of all record labels. If you attract and sign the right talent, develop your artists in such a way that they feel empowered, and equip them with the tools they need to run their artist business then you don’t need to worry about signing a major act to help pay for the others.

How do I learn more about your business?

Other than reading through our website, you can view our recently released document sent to our current investors and team members recapping 2019 and highlighting what to expect in 2020. Download it HERE



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