creating the path beyond the impossible


To empower artists and be a force for positive change in the entertainment industry.

WHY we exist

To give new artists a fair opportunity.

HOW we do it

By creating an artist-centric community whose goal is educating the artist while facilitating the creative process.


WHAT we do

Empower new artists to reach their dreams and share exceptional entertainment with the world.


Dreamscope Media Group aims to be the leader in producing exception content created and performed by creators in the early stages of their careers within the music, tv/film, and publishing business segments. We have created a community of creative individuals who, in addition to their core functions within the company, have interests in writing, producing their own content, performing, building sustainable relationships with external partners, and creating the ‘Modern Entertainment Industry'. We strive to cultivate this in such a way that it benefits our talent and meets our company objectives.

Alex Ross

Co-President, Hypnopomp - Head Artist for Design & Construction Technologies

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Leo Gauthier

Co-President, Hypnopomp - Head of Design & Construction Technologies

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