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Our Mission

We cultivate a community of creative individuals who are skilled in creating their own content.


Not only that, but we understand the technical requirements necessary to bring that content to life, and how to build sustainable relationships with external partners. We have made it our aim to support and facilitate the further creation and dissemination of content in such a way that it fairly benefits our creators and meets our company objectives.


We operate under three basic objectives:


  • To add value to our creators, employees and partners by providing continuous opportunities for development in order to remain competitive.

  • To facilitate collaborations between our creators, employees, and partners that will result in the generation of revenue both for the company and for the content creators.

  • To provide an outlet for our content creators to earn a fair income from their work.

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Our History

Established in 2016, we're starting a new model for how all modern-day record labels should be. 


Our success is not based off of record sales, concert tickets, or merchandise. Instead, we work with musical artists at the very early stages of their careers and offer them an "Artist Development and Production Deal" so the artist pays a development fee every month. Then, after we release the music created under the agreement, Dreamscope only takes a 25% cut on sales, leaving the majority of sales to artists as incentive to them to push their own music and build their careers. Our partners at the UK Department for International Trade called our business model "the model of the future for records labels." 

In 2020, Dreamscope Media Group will formally launch its trading-as companies: Dreamscope Records which will be the record label on all future releases, Dreamscope Music Publishing which will represent the publishing interests for all of the recorded material created under the record label, and Dreamscope Insights which is the book publishing segment of the business. The company's first book, "Just Thought You Should Know", was released in 2019 internationally on paperback, ebook, and audio book formats.

Our Team

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  • Email Matt Annecharico

Syed Ahmad

Alex Ross

Co-President, Hypnopomp - Head Artist for Design & Construction Technologies

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Leo Gauthier

Co-President, Hypnopomp - Head of Design & Construction Technologies

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